About Sentient

Patient personal for better healthcare experiences.

At Sentient, we create products to give patients and caregivers the control to personalize any healthcare space, including MRI and Radiation Therapy. With a tap, patients can choose a favorite 4K Nature Theme, lighting hue, music – even a movie. Choose any combination of Sentient products to create your ideal Sentient Suite environment.

Our specialty MRI and Radiation Therapy products are custom engineered for guaranteed performance. For nearly 40 years, our parent company PDC, has developed specialty products for MRI suites. Ceiling, wall and rear magnet Video Image Displays easily integrate with all Sentient products, MRI vendor communication systems and compatible goggle systems.

Sentient Radiation Therapy Suites are transforming the face of cancer treatment. Today, patients can choose a unique, personalized environment for each treatment session. Our latest solutions designed for MR-guided radiation therapy, allow patients to view their images during treatment for an improved and more efficient session.

At Sentient, our goal is to work with caregivers, designers and architects to deliver the best patient experience and best patient care possible. 

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Sentient Benefits:

  • Patient personal. Patients and caregivers easily personalize their audio visual environment – anywhere, anytime.
  • Pre-engineered solutions. Designers and architects can creatively integrate Sentient products into any design.
  • • Original 4K nature video and custom Illuminated Image Ceilings. Bring the soothing power of nature closer to patients.
  • • Experiences for every patient, every mood. With a tap, patients are immersed in their chosen experience – a coastal Redwood Forest, undersea grotto or personal videos and music.
  • • No restrictions. Choose any Sentient products to create your ideal environment anywhere in a healthcare facility, including MRI and Radiation Therapy, without vendor or equipment restrictions.

  • • Certified Performance. Sentient MRI products have been tested and certified by several MRI vendors.
  • • Extended Warranty. Contact Sentient for details.

What we believe:

To deliver solutions that offer patients and caregivers effortless control over their healthcare environment to reduce anxiety, increase satisfaction and improve work flow.
We strive to develop unique products that satisfy a basic requirement and then elevate their features to a new level. Healthcare can be stressful and intimidating. The patient satisfaction initiative is finding new ways to prioritize the patient’s needs. When we design our products, we add a level of innovation aimed at giving patients and caregivers control to personalize any space’s audio visual experience. These products give designers, architects and healthcare planners new tools to improve patient care with measurable results.