MRI Touch Control Systems

Tap to personalize the MRI experience.


Standard Touch Control System Components:

  • Sentient App for touch control on provided tablet(s)
  • Sentient App can control video displays, projectors, lighting, audio, privacy glass – even doors.
  • Sentient App can be customized to control multiple zones or individual components, such as lighting.
  • Sentient App communicates wirelessly with the Touch System Control Panel.

Control Options:

  • Personal device option allows patients, caregivers to enjoy personal music with compatible devices.
  • Optional integration with DVDs, goggles and magnet vendor sound systems.

System Control Panel:

  • Houses electrical system to control lighting, audio and video.
  • Wall-mount installation, typically in an equipment room.
  • Manufactured specifically for Sentient products.
  • Approval Listings: cUL, ETL, CE
  • One year limited warranty.