MRI Video Image Displays

MRI Safe, HD and 4K Ultra HD for Ceiling,
Wall and Rear Magnet Installation.

Custom engineered and manufactured for MRI.
Tested and certified for MRI suites.

MRI Video Display Features:

  • MRI Safe, RF Shielded HD and 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • Available for ceiling, wall and rear magnet installation
  • Available in portrait, landscape and multiple-display configurations
  • Rear magnet displays allow for in-bore viewing with prism glasses or head coil mirrors. Must be purchased with a rolling stand or a wall or ceiling mounting mechanism
  • Engineered specifically for MRI environments


Monitor Content:

  • HD and Ultra HD 4K original Nature Theme videography, developed specifically to alleviate MRI anxiety and improve patient satisfaction
  • Additional video and music options with compatible music, DVD and goggle devices
  • Integration with compatible goggle systems for in-bore viewing
  • Integration with MRI vendor’s patient audio system

Control System:

  • Optional Touch Control
  • Optional Theme lighting and Theme audio integration
  • Optional patient satisfaction survey integration
  • Option for patient preview and Theme selection in a waiting area

See data sheet: MRI Compatible 65” High Definition Display Monitor

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