MRI Video Image Displays

MRI-Safe, HD and 4K Ultra HD for Ceiling,
Wall and Rear Magnet Installation

Custom engineered and manufactured for MRI
Tested and certified for MRI suites

MRI Video Display Features:

  • MRI Safe, RF Shielded HD and 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • Available for ceiling, wall and rear magnet installation
  • Available in portrait, landscape and multiple-display configurations
  • Rear magnet displays allow for in-bore viewing with prism glasses, head coil mirrors or bridge mirror. Must be purchased with a rolling stand or a wall or ceiling mounting mechanism
  • Engineered specifically for MRI environments


  • 65” and 50” for ceiling and wall installations
  • 32” Portable Video Display and 50″ behind-the-bore wall-mount display for in-bore viewing

Monitor Content:

  • HD and Ultra HD 4K original Nature Theme videography, developed specifically to alleviate MRI anxiety and improve patient satisfaction
  • Additional video and music options with compatible music, DVD and goggle devices
  • Integration with compatible goggle systems for in-bore viewing
  • Integration with MRI vendor’s patient audio system

Control System:

  • Optional Touch Control with Sentient App
  • Optional Theme lighting and Theme audio integration

See data sheet: MRI Compatible 65” High Definition Display Monitor

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